Become a Sponsor of the 2018 North by North Festival

The “North by North Festival” captures the spirit of Alaska – to address our challenges and opportunities with northern innovation and resilience, to build on a rich history and to ensure a prosperous future. Quite simply, the North by North Festival is “for the North, by Northerners”.

These concepts are critical to Alaska’s citizens, communities, and companies and align closely with Alaska’s and Anchorage’s goals of resilience, livability and growth. The North by North Festival will bring innovators from across Alaska, the nation and other Arctic regions to collaborate together to address challenges facing the community and state, which can be addressed with process and technological innovation.

We hope to see, as outcomes, solutions and policy-relevant findings that will be delivered globally to northern governments and organizations, strong business-to-business relationships develop that result in partnerships, and public awareness heightened related to the state of innovation in Alaska. Participants will additionally be exposed to and engage in curated conversations, exhibitions, performances, presentations, music, dance, art installations, food tastings, and film.

We’re asking you to directly support this effort, which puts Anchorage on the map as an Arctic destination; a place where companies, community members and visitors alike can celebrate and engage with northern issues like never before. Your contribution can be applied to the event overall, or specifically to:

  • Innovation cohorts –the facilitation of “cohorts” comprised of innovative business, community, academic and government leaders. Cohorts will over the course of the week share and develop new solutions to challenges of energy, community, climate and health.
  • Social and cultural experiences –the music, food, film and dialogue that will infuse and inspire as well as help to build public awareness.
  • International collaboration – the engagement and participation of, and partnerships with, innovators, chefs, musicians and film-makers from the other Arctic regions

Sponsors of the North by North Festival are highly visible proponents of a strong and successful future for Alaska. With nearly 1,000 people expected to visit and engage during NxN, there is ample opportunity to share your message, build your brand, and connect with customers and citizens. We are happy to discuss innovative sponsor relationships as well, including co-branding of activities or cohort themes or other ideas that might help to cement your leadership in Alaska.

Sponsorship Levels


$5,000 Sustainability Sponsor
Ability to nominate speaker; pop up banner placement; logo and thanks on social media; logo placement on communications; logo placement on program; logo placement on website; exhibitor space; VIP event access (4); complimentary tickets (8).

$2,500 Development Sponsor
Pop up banner placement; logo placement on program; name placement on website; exhibitor space; VIP event access (2); complimentary tickets (6).

$1,000 Innovation Sponsor
Name placement on program; name placement on website; complimentary tickets (4).

$750 Friend
Name placement on program; name placement on website; complimentary tickets (2).

$500 Exhibitor
Name placement on program; name placement on website; table; complimentary tickets (1).


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