Resilience Summit

Alaska is America’s Arctic.  Our state sits on the homelands of indigenous Alaskans, people who have lived and thrived here for thousands of years and whose knowledge and traditions provide our foundation.  The spirit of resilience defines us as Alaskans. As our state faces opportunities and challenges with changing times and conditions, we understand that being far away, in the remote northern corner of the U.S., we rely on each other not just for our survival but for our success.

The Arctic region lies at the epicenter of climate change.  Alaskans watch as the dramatic disappearance of sea ice exposes coastal communities to the full brunt of storms and renders weather patterns increasingly extreme and unpredictable.  Receding glaciers alter our panoramas and wildlife habitat, and non-indigenous species displace native fauna and flora.  In urban centers, unpredictable freeze-thaw cycles degrade roads and communication networks, we see more wildfires and insect infestations, and an aging infrastructures decay in the harsh environment, threatening our main link to the world.

Economic uncertainty compounds the impacts of this environmental instability. The state of Alaska is facing a multi-billion dollar budget gap caused by the plummeting price and supply of oil.  These fiscal challenges mean less resources to build our economic future and to ensure we adapt to the changing climate.

Living in Alaska means that pride of place matters for all our residents, no matter where they are from.  Many heritages and traditions weave together to make our state culturally vibrant and globally connected.  On the northern periphery of the continent, we practice inclusivity because it is our way of respecting the values that America stands for, and because we know that living those values is the surest way to achieve our promise.  We strive for resilience because we know that as Alaskans, change is our steady state – between seasons, changing daylight hours, between past and future.  The difference now is the rapid rate of change in our culture, environment, and economy.

The Resilience Summit will offer an opportunity for all Alaskans to gather and exchange ideas and innovations about the environmental, economic and social challenges that lie ahead.

The 2018 Resilience Summit is organized and hosted by

Alaska Pacific University, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Municipality of Anchorage, Institute of the North, Anchorage Museum, Alaska Center, and The Nature Conservancy

Wednesday, April 25 

1:00p – 6:00p

+ Reception following

The Summit will take place at Alaska Pacific University

To participate in the Arctic Resilience Summit 2018, please register through


The North by North Festival builds on your experience at the Arctic Resilience Summit, and captures the spirit of Alaska and the Arctic – to address our challenges and opportunities with Northern innovation and resilience, to build on a rich history and to ensure a future full of promise. The Festival is for the North, and organized by Northerners, with goals of sustainability, livability and growth. The Festival brings innovators from across Alaska, the nation and other Arctic regions to collaborate and address local and circumpolar challenges. We know that between the Resilience Summit, Anchorage Arctic Research Day, and North by North Festival, attendees will strengthen their relationships, further develop their understanding of resilience, and deepen their connections to Alaska and the North. Find out more at