About North by North

Alaska is commemorating an important milestone this year, our 150th anniversary as the heart of America’s Arctic. The world is slowly coming to grips in understanding the significance of the Arctic, and Alaska’s role in the Arctic, as a region of peace and partnership, of emerging importance with the potential for considerable impact on global climate, potential for new discovery, new shipping routes and colossal potential for economic and resource development.

Because of our crucial position in the Arctic, we feel the stress and promise of significant changes in our region, contribute to a global understanding and awareness of the issues here, and provide a human face to concerns that seem distant and removed from our southern neighbors.

More than that, Alaskans care about the challenges facing our environment and our communities, and bear the risk, responsibility and reward as stewards. As a result, we believe that it is a matter of principle to maintain open space and open minds to constructive dialogue at the international, national and sub-national levels. North by North describes that mindset – northerners working together to strengthen northern community, resilience and innovation.

While decision-making often takes place elsewhere, Alaskans are determined to draft our own destiny. One way that we have worked to accomplish this goal is through the work of Alaska’s Arctic Council Host Committee, which has been supported by the Institute of the North. The Host Committee has been so important in showcasing Northern hospitality and deepening the awareness of Alaska’s bounty and beauty to those visiting from around the world.

The Institute of the North will continue to advance Alaska’s role in the Arctic, including to move forward with the North by North Festival and other Arctic activities in future years.